"All paths converge in the healing ocean of justice"

Calendar of Events for Charito Calvachi


02/27/09 - 02/27/10 2009 Cultural Extravaganza
  World Music and La Paz, Inc.
The Baby Grand at Wilmington
818 N. Market St., Wilmington DE 19801
Phone: 609-247-4656
A Black History Month Event. Charito to perform the Stories of Latin America.
02/28/09 - 02/28/10 12th Annual Arturo A. Schomburg Symposium
  Taller Puertorriqueño
2557 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia , PA 19133
Phone: 215-426-3311
Charito Calvachi will be a panelist for this Symposium, exploring the intricate influences of the African Diaspora on Latino culture and the complex issues of race within the Latino community. This year’s theme Afro-Latinas and Activism: Politics, Gender and Race.
03/07/09 - 03/07/10 Delaware Women's Conference
  Various organizations
Rout 13
All day event. Latin American Stories with a connection to healthy eating. Several workshops around the theme: Relax, Reward, Rejuvenate. Charito presenting Stories of Latin America at the banquet and also a workshop on Circle Process for Women Celebration.
03/15/09 - 03/15/10 Panel on Race with Harry Flournoy
  YWCA of Lancaster PA
JP McCaskey High School
445 Reservoir Street, Lancaster PA 17602
Phone: 717-291-6198
Harry Flournoy in whose story the movie Glory Road is based will lead a conversation on race. Charito is one of the panelists.
04/03/09 - 04/03/10 Peace Circle Seminar for Lancaster's Community Leaders
  Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
Highland Presbyterian Church
1801 Oregon Pike, Lancaster PA 17603
Phone: 717-397-2404
Kay Pranis, renown author of Circle Process, and Charito Calvachi Mateyko, restorative justice practititoner, who brings a valuable Latina prespective to her work and teaching, will give this seminar.
10/06/09 - 10/06/10 2009 Diversity Summit
  Hispanic American Center of Hanover, Pennyslvania
St. Mathew Lutheran Church
30 W. Chesnut Street Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: 717-965-7144
Charito will be a panelist sharing the restorative justice work of the Lancaster Area Victim Offender Program in which he has been a facilitator of restorative process since 1996 to present. She is ex-oficio member of the board and is in charge of implementing Circle process.
10/08/09 - 10/08/10 Stories of Latin America performance
  Kutztown University
Multicultural Center
Kutztown University
Stories of Latin America will be presented to two different audiences with the participation of Kutztown University students.
10/10/09 - 10/10/10 Latino Empowerment Leadership
  Lancaster CoomunityFoundation
Southern Market, Lancaster PA
Corner of Queen Street and Vine Street, Lancaster PA 17602
Charito will give a workshop about conflict in groups to Latino leaders.
11/04/09 - 11/04/10 Congress of Children Human Rights
  Children Human Rights
Lima, Peru
Catholic University
Charito will speak about Circles andits effects on gangs.
11/04/09 - 11/04/10 Worldwide Congress on Restorative Juvenile Justice in Peru
  Terre der Hummnes, Catholic University of Peru, Ministerio Publico, Encuentros
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Lima, Peru
Phone: 511-467-1735
Charito will be a speaker on the subject of "Restorative Justice and the media." She will also present a workshop about Circle process.
11/06/09 - 11/06/10 Circle proces and restorative justice
  First Wordwide Conference in Restorative Juvenile Justice
Pontifical Catholic University of Lima
Circle process workshop, a restorative justice process to create community and address harm done by crime.
11/12/09 - 11/12/10 Keynote speaker
  Puerto Rican Cultural Committee of Lancaster County
Annual Banquet of the Puerto Rican Cultural Committee
Corner of Prince and Farnun Streets in Lancaster, PA 17602
Charito will speak about her work on restorative justice.
11/19/09 - 11/19/10 Latina author signing
  Ten Thousand Villages
1122 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-574-2008
Charito will share the traditions from Latin America in Christmas time from her book and CD Navidad Latinoamericana/Latin American Christmas.
11/20/09 - 11/20/10 Latin American Christmas traditions
  Ten Thousand Villages
8331 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA.
Phone: 215-242-3040
Charito will share the traditions from Latin America in Christmas time from her book and CD Navidad Latinoamericana/Latin American Christmas.
11/21/09 - 11/21/10 Latin American Christmas traditions and Nativity display
  Ten Thousand Villages
Store located in Media, PA.
Phone: 610-892-5020
Charito will share the traditions from Latin America in Christmas time from her book and CD Navidad Latinoamericana/Latin American Christmas.
12/03/09 - 12/03/10 Circle Process: Creating community in the classroom
  Pennsylvania Latino Educational Summit
Lancaster Convention Center
Queen and King Street corner, Lancaster PA 17602
Phone: 717-763-1661
Charito will give a workshop to allow participants to experience Circles and how schools will benefit by using this tool to create community in the classroom and beyond.
12/03/09 - 12/03/10 Latin American Christmas traditions
  Seekers Books and Gifts
St Peters by the Sea
Mulberry and Second Street corner in Lewes, DE 19958
Phone: 302-645-9916
Charito will share with the audience the different traditions of Latin America. The event starts at 7PM.
01/14/10 - 01/14/11 Circle process training
  Peoples Place
1129 Airport Road, Milford, DE 19963
Phone: 302-424-0890
Open only to staff and volunteers.



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